Leveraging CSP to make green hydrogen, 24/7

Green hydrogen is still more expensive than carbon-intensive alternatives. One way of minimizing costs is to run electrolyzers 24/7. Concentrated solar power is a strong contender to ensure 100% utilization.

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Why we need to scale up carbon markets now

Fossil-fuel subsidies in 2017 topped $3.1trn, more wealth than all but the 4 richest nations. We need to scale up carbon markets now. (The good news is oil companies are on board.)

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Pacific Green’s role in helping achieve net zero by 2050

“The world has a huge challenge to move net zero by 2050.” At Pacific Green Technologies Group, we’re fully on board. Our mission is to be a world leader in providing sustainable cleantech solutions to global warming and resource scarcity challenges. But how, exactly?

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