Why your business needs battery backup

Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly an attractive option for providing backup power to public sector institutions and private enterprises.

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7 steps to maximize front-of-meter and BTM battery ROI

Large stationary storage systems can involve high capital outlays, which is why investors and asset owners are usually keen to find ways to improve the return on investment (ROI) of battery acquisitions.

Our Energy Storage team has overseen the installation of more than 1GWh of battery capacity. Here's what we've learnt...

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10 ways battery systems can help you make (or save) money

There are now dozens of potential use cases for batteries and the fact that you can ‘stack’ multiple applications within a single battery system means there are many ways you can potentially make or save money with your asset. Here are 10 of the most common options.

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Why lithium-ion battery storage is a great fit for shipping

Shipping poses a particular challenge from an energy transition point of view. The maritime transportation sector emits more than a billion tons of carbon dioxide a year and accounts for around 2.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions a year, set to increase by up to 250% by 2050.


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The 5 ways to tell Ireland is the best battery market in the world

Ireland does not usually loom large as a major market for energy storage asset investors and owners. Compared to markets such as Australia, China or the US, its total potential is limited. 

But there are at least five reasons why, on a per-capita basis, Ireland is arguably the best battery...

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Pacific Green Acquires Battery Energy Storage System Design Company Innoergy Limited

Pacific Green announces that it has acquired Innoergy Limited, a designer of battery energy storage systems whose clients include Osaka Gas Co. Ltd, in Japan, and Limejump Limited (“Limejump”), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc.  The acquisition marks PGTK’s entry into the battery energy storage system market in conjunction...

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Energy storage: where lithium-ion fits in

Energy storage is headed for prime time as western nations emerge from coronavirus lockdowns and set about creating financial stimulus packages to revive flagging economies. 

COVID-19 has not only laid bare the need for more sustainable economic foundations to support public healthcare services but also seemingly sounded a death knell...

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