10 ways battery systems can help you make (or save) money

There are now dozens of potential use cases for batteries and the fact that you can ‘stack’ multiple applications within a single battery system means there are many ways you can potentially make or save money with your asset. Here are 10 of the most common options.

Energy Storage
4 keys to winning in Spain’s world-leading push for CSP

Spain, the world leader in CSP capacity for the last decade, looks set to retain its crown with an ambitious procurement plan from next year. 

The country announced a draft Ministerial Order with an auction calendar that aims to procure a minimum of 100 MW of new CSP capacity in...

The manual that puts CSP ahead of other energy technologies

CSP, like most sources of energy, has been subject to its fair share of scientific studies and research papers. There’s a large body of research covering everything from solar fields to heat transfer fluids. But a CSP study published in June was something out of the ordinary. 

Titled Concentrating Solar...

Strategies to power desalination with solar technology

Desalination of seawater is becoming essential as demand for freshwater expands well beyond the capacity of current reserves to sustain it. But on its own, desalination threatens to help feed the catastrophic climate change that is helping to accelerate water scarcity around the globe. 

Desalination is notoriously energy intensive, and...