Pacific Green Announces Dr. Neil Carmichael’s retirement as an Executive Officer of the Company and his appointment as a Non-Executive Director of the Company

Pacific Green Technologies Inc., today announced that Dr. Neil Carmichael will be retiring as Chief Executive, effective August 22, 2019, and taking on the role of non-executive Director where he will assist in mentoring the group’s management. Scott Poulter, current Executive Director, will be appointed as Chief Executive.

Green Shipping Will Be A Powerful Lure To Investors

As IMO 2020 approaches, how attractive is green shipping for investors?

The implementation of the IMO 2020 regulation is expected to have a number of significant impacts on the shipping industry—and today’s shippers are turning to alternative green fuel solutions to keep up.

Why These Persistent Criticisms Of Scrubbers Are Just Plain Wrong

IMO 2020 has placed enormous pressure on stakeholders throughout the maritime industry. It is understandable, then, that debates around the most effective way to comply with the IMO’s new emissions standards have been animated.

The big question on shipowners’ minds has been: what do we do to effectively and affordably...

How To Choose The Right Scrubber Specialist

Scrubber uptake quadrupled in 2018. Around this time last year, just over 500 scrubbers had been installed or ordered. By the end of this year, 3 500 vessels are expected to have scrubbers.

With such radical growth, shipowners are right to have questions about how their scrubber needs will be...