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CSP is used in utility-scale applications to help provide additional clean power to an electricity grid. PGST, in alliance with its strategic client Shouhang, has already developed, designed and engineered three utility-scale CSP operating reference plants in China: one 50MW trough CSP plant and two molten salt tower plants of 10MW and 100MW respectively.

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HELIX-Tower™ CSP System

In a CSP tower setup, a bed of sun-seeking mirrors called heliostats reflect the sun’s energy onto a receiver at the top of a central tower.

PARABOL-Trough™ CSP System

These CSP systems consist of parabolic reflectors that concentrate light onto linear receivers.

THERMO-Store™ Heat Storage System

On-demand power availability is a primary consideration in energy market supply.
Thermal storage is able to deliver energy when it is needed most.

The CSP market generated $3.79 billion in 2018. It is expected to see a 10.3% compound growth rate over the next few years, to reach a value of over $8 billion by 2026.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use mirrors and lenses to focus solar energy into heat which drives electricity generation. Higher costs mean that CSP hasn’t yet spread as widely as photovoltaic panels, which are an increasingly common sight on rooftops around the world. But its capacity to store energy until it’s needed makes CSP a vital complement to the limitations on photovoltaics, which only work in daylight.

The leading player in CSP is currently Spain, followed by the US, and between them they represent 75% of the market. But other countries are making the most of their sunshine to get involved, with China, Morocco, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia seeing the biggest growth in 2018.


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