Pacific Green CEO, Scott Poulter Updates Investors on CEORoadshow Interview

CEO, Scott Poulter discusses the company’s exclusive agreement to develop up to 1,100MW of battery energy storage systems (“BESS”) in the United Kingdom (“UK”) sourced by TUPA Energy Limited (“TUPA”). As part of the TUPA agreement, the Company has also today acquired the rights to 100MW of BESS in Kent...

Creating a diversified business for investor advantage

Diversification has long been seen as a clever way for businesses to expand market share or grow into other markets. It is a don’t-put-your-eggs-in-one-basket way of thinking, an effective way of minimizing risk and a strategy that Pacific Green has embraced over the years.

Shipping is charting a course to net zero. We’re on board

Shipping, like all industries, needs to get to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 if it is to do its bit in avoiding catastrophic climate change. This is not an easy task... Although ships used wind for propulsion over centuries, going back to sailboats would hardly be an option for today’s...