How CSP can make green hydrogen commercially viable

We estimate that 800 MW of PV paired with 100 MW of CSP and 12 hours of thermal storage would allow us to produce more than 257,000 tons of green ammonia a year at a cost of under $400 a ton... read more to find out how.

Why the outlook for storage investing is rosier than ever

Investors looking for growth markets will no doubt be familiar with the sky-high curves predicted for a range of cleantech asset classes. But as we head into 2022, the numbers for energy storage are looking more attractive than ever.

Energy Storage
The markets that could lead the green hydrogen revolution

This is hydrogen’s big year. The universe’s most common molecule is rapidly becoming the world’s most popular choice of low-carbon fuel and feedstock. And there is one hue of this colorless gas that is getting most of the attention.

Setting sights on the top prizes of the energy transition

Pacific Green isn’t a company that does things by halves. Not for us the decades-long crawl from startup to scale up to corporate. Instead, we are guided by the belief that we do not have time to waste. Our planet’s climate crisis demands we move at scale and at speed.

Pull into the filling station of the future

The internal combustion engine (ICE) is the main contributor to the 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions that derive from transportation. And it’s not just all the gasoline or diesel that ICE vehicles burn which is the problem.