Future Proof Your Emission Control

Both the ENVI‐Clean™ and ENVI‐Pure™ emission control systems utilize the traditional elements of wet scrubbing systems in a non-traditional arrangement. The arrangements are designed for high emission removal efficiency, simplicity of operation and control, geometric flexibility, compactness of size, long service life, and minimized cost for consumables.

For situations where it is not possible to fit a full solution, the ENVI‐Retrofit™ system can rejuvenate existing water spray systems, drastically lowering the cost of scrubbing the emissions.


ENVI-Clean Flue Gas Scrubbing Device

ENVI‐Clean™ & ENVI‐Pure™ Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

The ENVI-Clean™ and ENVI-Pure™ emission control systems are new and innovative approaches to turbulent wet scrubbing that are more efficient, smaller, cost effective to build and operate, and are capable of removing a broader range of pollutants in a single pass.

The attributes that make the ENVI‐System™ unique include multiple patented turbulent scrubbing heads working in series with the capacity to process 100% of the flue gas, small and flexible footprint, on-demand reagent addition and low capital and operating costs. Each system is designed and optimized to handle specific emission reduction requirements.

The operation of wet scrubbing systems is based upon the interaction between the flue gas and a scrubbing reagent solution, typically a limestone slurry, to transfer the pollutant matter from the gas to the solution thereby neutralizing the acid gases into compounds that are precipitated and removed as solids in the dewatering process.

The effectiveness of the neutralization of acid gases is a function of interaction energy and residence time between the flue gas and reagent solution. The ENVI‐Clean™ approach optimizes the complete interaction process for optimum results.