Why choose Pacific Green Marine scrubbers?

High quality, swift installation, and world-leading device efficiency are just three reasons why we have an order book of more than 120 vessels. And our vast global network of service facilities ensure our customers enjoy the best and most comprehensive after-sales service possible.

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ENVI-Marine exhaust gas scrubber

The ENVI‑Marine™ Exhaust Gas Scrubbing Device

The ENVI‑Marine™ process is a simple concept. The flue gases are first quenched, then cleaned, by specialized frothing through pure seawater, using our patented TurboHead™ process before being discharged as harmless salts.

ENVI‑Marine™ systems are fully flexible and can be supplied as open loop, open loop hybrid-ready, and hybrid systems capable of both open and closed mode operation.

For vessels running heavy fuel oil, this system offers industry-leading ROI and will clean the exhaust to international emission standards far into the future.

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