Why choose Pacific Green for desalination projects?

We have directly sourced the latest technology whilst leveraging in-depth, in-house technical, commercial and planning expertise to ensure every desalination solution is tailored precisely to your needs. 

Our desalination technology is the product of the innovation efforts taking place within our industry-leading Pacific Green Research Institute. Whatever the size of your desalination project, we guarantee it will come in on time, and to your precise specifications.

PGT Water - cleaning and purifying water for all

Address the water emergency

Around 4 billion people already experience water scarcity for at least one month a year. A growing and increasingly urbanized population, intensified agriculture and climate change mean that unless we act now, water stress will lead to disruptions of whole populations. 

Tap into the oceans

Only 1% of the globe’s freshwater is readily available to humanity, and those resources are dwindling as demand grows. By tapping into the seawater that covers 70% of our planet, we can reverse this trend and ensure everyone has the water they need to live. 

desalination plant designs

Make the essential affordable

Desalination technology is becoming less expensive to invest in and cheaper to run. Our own in-house technology is ahead of the curve, ensuring that the water it produces is not just clean and plentiful, it’s also affordable and competitive with other sources.

Ensure a low-carbon source

Pacific Green is dedicated to a low-carbon future. Our desalination systems have been designed for optimal energy efficiency. What’s more, we offer fully integrated concentrated solar power systems that can supply 100% clean energy. 

Pacific Green Water Technologies - proven ability

Our ability to develop high-quality desalination plants anywhere in the world is amply
demonstrated by our involvement in one of the most significant recent power projects in
Southeast Asia.

In 2016, the Indonesian National Electric Power Company awarded a Chinese consortium the
contract to build Indonesia’s biggest ever power plant, in Serang City, Banten Province.
We provided the engineering design for the Shenhua Guohua Indonesia Java No. 7 2×1050MW
Coal-fired Power Generation Project, or Java No. 7 Project, including the development of a
desalination plant to supply 178 cubic meters of freshwater an hour.
The plant has two low-temperature multi-effect distillation seawater desalination systems,
providing 100% redundancy in the supply of boiler, industrial and domestic water across the
coal-fired facility.

While the design envisages only one system being in use at any point in time, producing 4,500
tons of freshwater a day, the drainage and steam, water, power and gas supplies can all
accommodate simultaneous production if needed.